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What is the HUGS Challenge Project?

HUGS Challenge is a project where HUGS gives anyone the opportunity to challenge him/herself in our business field. That means ANYONE – including those of you who do not speak English, or who do not have experience of living in overseas. ANYONE who is willing to give his/her passion to the project, HUGS is here to give you a chance.

We have launched various projects which aim to achieve both social and commercial needs in Cambodia.

  • ・High profit & efficiency large scale farming
  • ・Stock farming that aims to produce safe and low cost meat
  • ・Incubation of businesses and projects which bring advantages to both Cambodia and Japan

Profit and know-hows from the projects and businesses above are utilized to support orphanage or landmine removing activities and operating microfinance in Cambodia

With a different language, culture, and customs, we have encountered lots of problems that you cannot even imagine happening in other countries. We challenge all such difficulties with our core spirit of “Be Cool, Be Happy” in our heart always and enjoy solving them with unique ideas. We continue challenging difficulties and problems without worrying about failure!

As HUGS have reached to new stage of growth, we are more than ready to tackle new challenge! HUGS Challenge is our WANTED poster to find our new crew! You are WANTED.

Currently, we have no permanent positions available.